Heavy Duty Nitrite Free ELC Antifreeze/Coolant

In heavy-duty applications provides up to 600,000 miles on-highway or up to 12,000 hours off-road service where a well-established monitoring program is in place for testing coolant at least twice a year. Coolant Extender is generally needed at half-life (300,000 miles or 6000 hours) and may be added based on results from coolant sample analysis.

John Deere, PACCAR, Volvo/Mack, Caterpillar, Cummins, CES 14603. Detroit Diesel 93K217, MAN 324 Type SNF, MTU 5048, Mercedes DBL 7700, Navistar CEMS B-1 Type IIIA, Hino Trucks

Meets the performance requirements of:

  • TMC ATA RP 338A
  • ASTM D6210
  • ASTM D3306